The Lost Years

What if there was a document discovered that would shed light on just what Jesus Christ was doing in the years between the time he was 12 and the time of the New Testament? Would that document be important enough to kill over? Jonathon Lyons, a Biblical scholar has found such a document in his searching. He knows just how valuable it is, and wants to get the document back where it belongs. But before he can do anything about it, he's murdered at home, in his office. His wife, who is in the stages of Alzheimer's is found in the same room, in the closet, rocking back and forth and mumbling about the noise that it caused. Jonathon has not been faithful to his wife, and she knows it, and has shown a tendency to be violent about that fact. She also knows how to shoot, so she quickly becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her husband. Their daughter, Mariah, knows that there was no way that her mother could have or ever would have killed her father. The police don't feel the same way, and soon her mother is in jail, leaving it up to Mariah to figure out just who killed her father and why. I love Mary Higgins Clark's books. They are all amazing mysteries that make you think about the world and the people in it in a very different way. The characters seem real, and I love how you can kind of figure out just what the heroine shouldn't do, and even though you scream at them not to, they always do just what they shouldn't do, leaving their lives in peril. 

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