The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection

Precious Ramotswe is a standard woman living in Botswana, she's traditionally built and loves her bush tea. She, along with her assistant detective, Grace Makutsi, have been working in The Ladies Detective Agency for quite a while. They've seen many cases and solved them all with the book, the Principles of Private Detection by Clovis Anderson. One night, Precious has a dream, she dreams that she sees a stranger underneath an tree. She and Mma Makutsi puzzle over the meaning of their dream. As they are puzzling, their friend Mma Potokwane comes to discuss her troubles with them. Mma Potokwane is the matron at the orphan farm. She has worked tirelessly for years to take care of the orphans and their needs. But now, she's being usurped by the board of the orphan farm. They want to build a big building to be used in the feeding of the orphans, instead of allowing them to eat in small family units, to save money. The family units allow the orphans a feeling of belonging to a family and being loved. So Mma Potokwane is distressed that the board is only concerned about money. She asks Mma Ramotswe to look into the matter for her. Luckily for Mma Ramotswe, the stranger from her dream turns out to be none other than Clovis Anderson himself. It will take all three of them to uncover just what is going on with the orphan farm's board. I enjoy these books. They are clean, I love the characters in them, they all have such personalities! The stories are fun and leave me waiting for the next one to be written. I love the flavor of Africa in these books as well. I would read them in order, that way you can get to know the characters and you aren't lost when passing reference to things that have happened before is made.

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