Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play

The Kingdom Keepers are just getting back to normal after the last threat by the Overtakers. But then strange things start happening again. The roller coaster simulator ride goes crazy when it should have just been showing a mild ride and the person that the clues point to is one of their own friends, Charlene. Charlene is acting pretty strange too, she's questioning all kinds of things when she's usually just a go with the flow type of girl. So when Philby gets a video chat from Wayne at school, pretty much an impossibility due to the school's security system, warning the Keepers of a traitor in their midst, they know things are getting serious again. But what could the Overtakers be after this time? They could always be after their two leaders who had been captured and imprisoned by the Disney Imagineers. That's what the Kingdom Keepers figure is happening and they know that they must be extra vigilant about crossing over at night. None of the kids want to be in SBS (Sleeping Beauty Syndrome) very badly. But will this group of amazing kids be able to stop the Overtakers from releasing their captured leaders or will they end up captured themselves? I really have enjoyed reading this series. The books are full of excitement and adventure, not to mention Disney Characters. I love how the characters of Ariel, Minnie, Pluto and Mulan interacted with the kids in this book. These books are just as fun for adults as they are for the elementary aged kids they are written for! 

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