It's a Mall World After All

Charlotte is a senior in high school, she works after school in Bloomingdale's as a perfume sales woman. This comes in handy, because you never know what you're going to see in the mall. One afternoon, Charlotte is selling perfume as normal when she sees her best friend's boyfriend, with another girl. It seems to be far to friendly to be a casual thing, and so she confronts Brianna as to the fact that Bryant is cheating on her. Thinking that she'll make sure Brianna is okay the next morning in school, she arrives at Brianna's locker expecting to find her devastated and in tears. But no, Brianna is just fine and not at all happy with Charlotte, she feels that Charlotte has accused her boyfriend unfairly, when he did nothing wrong. Brianna even lets Charlotte know that she doesn't want to choose between her and Bryant, code for she'll choose Bryant over Charlotte any day. Charlotte knows that something's up with Bryant and she's willing to go almost any length to prove it to Brianna, but will she be able to prove it or does Charlotte just have a grudge against Bryant like everyone says that she does? I love Janette Rallison's books, she manages to hit high school life right on the head in every one of her books. Her characters seem real and the situations they get themselves into are hilarious! This book is so funny and so worth reading, and since it's written for young adults, it's a fast reading book too!

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