Home for the Holidays

The Mother Daughter Book Club girls are now Sophomores in high school and they're still great friends and enjoying the books they read for their book club. Christmas is coming, but none of the girls are really planning on being home for the holidays. Megan and Becca are going on a cruise, Jess is going to Switzerland with a friend from her school, Cassidy's family is going to California, leaving Emma feeling a little left out, being that she'll be the only one home. The books that they are reading for their book club this year are the Betsy-Tacy books, books that even Emma and her librarian mother have never read. Cassidy isn't sure that she wants to read these books, there are 10 books in the series and the club plans to read them all by New Years Eve when they will have their big reveal for their annual Secret Santa. But nothing is going as planned for any of the girls, and even their Secret Santa gifts seem...well, off. None of the girls are sure what's up with Becca, something's seemed a bit strange with her this year, she's been keeping a secret for her family, her father lost his job and nothing is going right for the family. But that's what friends are for, and they will get through all of the challenges the same way they always do...together. This is one of my favorite series that our 11 year old daughter reads. She's read them since the first book came out and she even got one of her friends hooked on this series. These books are amazing. The characters are fun, and the situations seem real to life for girls of these ages. I also love how they talk about books, it's gotten our daughter interested in other kinds of books, and I've enjoyed reading the books they read in their book club, as well as the fun facts included about the authors of those books. Can't wait to read more of this wonderful series!

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