Forgive My Fins

It's pretty hard to be a regular high school girl when you are really a mermaid. Lily has already discovered that. She has to keep an awful lot of secrets from an awful lot of people, especially her best friend Shannen and her huge mega crush Brody Bennett. There's also the pesky boy next door, Quince Fletcher. Quince has convinced her that just asking Brody out is not going to get her crush to be her man, and she's convinced, especially after he turns her down for the big dance in front of the entire student body at lunch! But she's not really sure that Quince's way will work either. Oh well, just one way to find out. She waits in the library for Brody to come, just as Quince claims he will. She's enjoying a wonderfully romantic kiss with who she figures is Brody when she finds out that it's really Quince, who came to make sure that she was okay. This opens up a whole can of worms though, because she's a mermaid. Any man who kisses a mermaid will become one himself, and instantly bond with Lily. Lily's not thrilled about this, she wanted to bond with Brody after all, and she wants to have her dad break the bond. Is it really just the bond making her feel things for Quince, or does she really have feelings for him. I really liked the premise of this book. I liked Lily, and Quince, but it didn't seem as though you really get to know any of the other characters very well. I didn't love the language in this book. There wasn't anything major, but it seemed as though there were a lot of minor words.

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