Beatrice is a 16 year old girl, living in a dystopian society. In this society everyone who is sixteen is given an aptitude test to find out which of the 5 factions they should belong to. Ultimately the choice is up to them and the choice determines everything for them, where they live, their clothes and hair, friends and even if they are able to associate with their family or not. The factions are Candor, they tend to be truthful; Abnegation, they tend to be selfless; Amity, they are kind and peaceful; Dauntless, they are courageous; and Erudite, they enjoy learning and study. There are also those that are factionless, they live a life almost like the homeless that we see on the street corners now. Beatrice and her brother Caleb, because of birth dates are scheduled to take the test the same day. The test is something that has been a carefully guarded secret, so none of those taking it know what will happen. The test is a bit different than Beatrice imagines, and when she receives her results she's sworn to even greater secrecy than the average 16 year old, just because her test result comes back Divergent. Beatrice doesn't even know what that means, she does know that she needs to decide which of the 5 factions she wants to join before the Choosing Ceremony the next day. When Beatrice finally gets her chance to choose she chooses to leave her family and Abnegation in order to become one of the Dauntless that she so admires. But this choice will tear her family apart and set Beatrice up to become Tris, and to learn some pretty crazy lessons about being Dauntless and to know just how courageous she will turn out to be. I LOVED this book. I don't think I would have ever read it, except for the big deal that was going on online for the second book, Insurgent, that came out in May. I'm so glad I did. This book was long, about 500 pages, so I was kind of putting off reading it a little bit, but when I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down and was able to finish it in one day. I highly recommend reading this book! I can't wait to read Insurgent.

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