Daisy is a hard-working mother of two, her youngest daughter, Stormy is a senior in high school and Daisy is looking forward to being free to have her own schedule in nine months. She and her husband of 3 years, Paul, are looking forward to an empty-nester life of travel and leisure. There are times when her life with Stormy is just that, especially when Stormy finds out that Paul's almost 16 year old daughter is going to be getting a car for her birthday, when Stormy, 17, doesn't have a car on her horizon, yet.  One day as she's running a simple errand to a bookstore she runs into Ruby, a woman who wants to start a new book club. Daisy decides that with all of the craziness in her life she needs to do something for herself, so she goes and meets some wonderful women, Paige, Athena and Olivia. But little does she know that these women that she barely knows will help her get through some of the hardest trials of her life. This book is the second book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series, but these books all are meant to stand on their own. They cover the same time period, but are just written through the eyes of each individual participant in the book club. I thought that Daisy was a strong character, she seemed like a real person with real challenges. I liked to the progression of her character, at the beginning she was a bit selfish, always looking forward to her "own" time, but through the challenges she faces, by the end of the book she has changed and her priorities become more focused on others. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, Paige! 

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