As Sisters in Zion

I know that I've read several books lately about the handcart pioneers, I've just kind of been interested about that lately. This little book is about the LDS Hymn, As Sisters in Zion. It was written by Emily Hill Woodmansee about her and her sister, Julia's, trip from England to Zion as members of the Willie Handcart company. These remarkable young women were baptized in England when they were 16 and 19 years old. They were immediately ostracized from their family and left for America within just a few years. I am amazed at the maturity they showed for their young years. They worked all on their own to pay their way to come to America, and booked passage on the ship, and came here without the help of any of their family. They also knew there was very little possibility of seeing any of the members of their family again, just because of the ocean and distance between them, yet they had the faith to come by handcart, even helping a single mother with her eight children along the way. Remarkable young women. I loved reading this small book about their lives and most especially about their journey by handcart. 

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