Artemis Fowl #1 and 2

Disney/Hyperion books are releasing the newest Artemis Fowl Book The Last Guardian on July 10th. To celebrate the release they have been allowing bloggers to download galleys from NetGalley of the previous books. Each galley comes with two books. Artemis Fowl is not your normal 12 year old. He's a genius. His father is missing, and his mother isn't handling that well, so he's kind of been on his own. She hasn't even been concerned about him going to school or not. Artemis is concerned about his missing father, but he's even more concerned about the Fowl families vanishing fortune. In his first adventure he's come up with a way to pad the family's coffers again. His brilliant idea: kidnapping a leprechaun. Little does he know when he kidnaps Holly, a Captain in LEP that she's really a pixie and the horror and terror he will be unleashing on himself, his bodyguard Butler and Butler's sister Julia. In Artemis' second adventure, he's just learned the location of his father. Unfortunately he's being held by some Russian terrorists in the Arctic Circle. He and his bodyguard Butler are on their way to save him when they are taken underground to the headquarters of LEP on suspicion of helping trolls to get human things like batteries and guns that are wreaking havoc on their underground world. Little do they know that Artemis had nothing to do with it, but there is a traitor in their midst. Artemis and Butler are happy to help out with their troll problem, however, in exchange for help in rescuing Artemis' imprisoned father from the Russians. These books are so fun! I really enjoy the adventure and I'm sure that the elementary age boys love to read about Artemis, the smartest boy in the world and dream about being just that smart themselves!

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