The Alloy of Law

Waxillium Ladrian, Wax, is just a normal Twinborn. He uses Alloymancy to Push on metals. I'm not really sure what that means, except that he can kind of shoot off of nails and things. He works as basically a policeman in the Rough. He's been forced to move back to the city and become Lord Ladrian because his uncle has been killed, and he's still getting over the fact that he killed the woman he loved when a maniacal killer moved her at just the wrong second. The House of Ladrian needs more cash, he's found out that his uncle was not very good at managing the books in the time that he was the Lord and the house still has to take care of many people by paying them wages. Wax must find a woman willing to marry him...a rich woman. But none of those women are willing to even talk to him, because he is most definitely still rough around the edges from all of his years of living as a lawman in the Rough. Finally, after a lot of hard work, he's able to catch the eye of Steris Harms, who seems willing to marry him and share her wealth, but she has a whole agreement written up for him to sign about their married life. She seems to be just what he's looking for, but there is a mystery in town and Wax just can't seem to stay out of it, getting pulled in even deeper when Steris is kidnapped. Will Wax be able to figure out the mystery and save Steris before it's too late. I have to say there's really no way I would have read this book, it's just really not the type I look at. I read it because it's a Whitney nominee. The book started out really slow for me, but once it got going, I really enjoyed it. There was plenty of mystery and plenty of action. 

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