Of Grace and Chocolate

Jillian Parrish, Jill, has had a hard life, so that's probably why she works so hard to keep her life as normal as possible. She works for a publishing company and dabbles with writing. She's been working on cleaning out her desk and happens upon a rough draft of the book that she's been working on, which inadvertently ends up going to a meeting with her. Her boss sees it and since it's a book about an LDS woman, knows immediately that it would be in the new Religious category that the publisher is setting up, and she wants to read it. Jill practically has to rip it out of her hands, but reluctantly promises to get her a copy that isn't a rough draft. But when she gets back to her desk she finds that both her cell phone and her keys are missing. On the ring with her keys is her flash drive that she needs. Right. Now. As she's looking for her phone and her keys she hears a strange sound, a cell phone's ringing, but it's not hers. Jill finally finds the phone and answers it, only to find Scott Gentry, a man from her singles ward on the other end, and he's replaced her phone and keys with his and is planning to hold her phone hostage. Jill is furious, for several reasons, she needs that phone now, plus Scott obviously doesn't remember her from their trip to Costa Rica several years ago. When he finally returns her things to her, he happens to dump Jill's newly printed novel pages all over the floor and Jill wonders just what else can go wrong in such a short span of time. She's about to find out as her long lost sister shows up with her baby and then just takes off and leaves the baby in Jill's care. Jill's uncertain what to do, but knows that she must find her sister as soon as possible. If she has to deal with Scott Gentry to do it, then so be it! I loved this book! I was thinking how I wanted to do nothing else today but read this book, and then all of a sudden our daughter ended up sick, and my whole scheduled opened up, so I filled it with finishing this book. It was amazing, the story was clean and romantic, everything that LDS Romance novels should be!

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