I Don't Want to Kill You

John Cleaver is just a normal kid, well...not really. He's the son of a mortician, and he helps out with bodies sometimes. He's also kind of a sociopath so he understands quite a lot about serial killers, just because it would be so easy for him to become one. He's already taken down two of them in his small town in the last year, and there's another one headed his way. He knows because he called her. So he's not at all surprised when the first few victims are killed. He knows that it's up to him to figure out just who the killer is and why they are killing and he really needs to stop the killer so that the town and all the people living in it will be protected. But even with serial killers, things aren't always what they seem and John will need to be especially vigilant in order to catch the serial killer. I read the first book in this series, I Am Not a Serial Killer and didn't love it, I didn't read the second book and really had no desire to read this one. I read it because it was a Whitney Nominee. I have to say that I didn't really love the beginning, but I did get sucked into this story. I did enjoy the ending and it didn't really seem quite as dark as I was thinking it was going to. 

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