Fires of Jerusalem

Jeremiah and his cousin Baruch are teenagers in Jerusalem, they both know that Jerusalem is getting more and more wicked. As they work translating and copying scriptures in the Temple Archives this becomes more and more apparent to both of them. And when Baruch's goat is missing and they find it with a group of Temple guards that try to kill both boys it becomes apparent to Jeremiah's parents that they must get out of the wicked Jerusalem or something very bad will happen. Even with moving their family to Anathoth, that doesn't mean that young Jeremiah will be protected from the evil running rampant in Jerusalem. Jeremiah goes back to visit with Baruch for a festival and they see something they shouldn't, the murder of a young girl for sport, and the murderers have seen them as well. Baruch must be hidden from them, because their after him as well. But hiding won't work as well for Jeremiah, because he knows that the Lord has a work for him to do, even at a young age. But will Jeremiah be able to soften the hearts of the wicked people of Jerusalem? I liked the thought of this book, I did enjoy the ending and how Jeremiah was able to escape, I'd never really wondered what had ended up happening to him before. This book made me do that, but the rest of the story really felt...I'm not quite sure. Not really connected, or something. Not really sure how to describe it. I didn't really feel a connection to the characters either, so I wasn't really sad when any of them died, and it sure seemed as though a lot of people died in this one. I did like the connection shown between Lehi and Jeremiah, I thought that worked well. 

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