Emerald City

Olivia is a waitress in Seattle. She lives in an apartment on her own. Her mother is dead and her father left when she was young. One rainy day, she goes to work just like she always does and just like always, it seemed as though she was invisible. Even the guys sitting in her section didn't want her to wait on them, but instead asked for the other waitress on duty right then. And then, to top things off they and the other waitress were making fun of her. That was pretty much the last straw for Olivia. She heads home in the middle of her shift and collapses in her bed. When she wakes up from yet another nightmare about her mother's death, she realizes that she has a headache, she heads for the medicine cabinet and that's when she realizes that she has a full bottle of Valium in there. Seemingly without her own approval her hand picks up the whole pile of them and shoves them into her mouth. As she lies in her bed, just waiting to die, focusing on the crack in her ceiling, Olivia dreams that she hears a voice calling her name. But things are fuzzy and white. The next thing she knows it's several days later and Olivia wakes up in a hospital, tethered to more machines than she can count. She learns that a neighbor, Jude, had seen her putting the Valium in her mouth from his window in the apartments next to hers, he rushed to her apartment and got her to the hospital just in time. But something doesn't make sense to Olivia, she locked her apartment door as a rule when she comes in, did she this time, or didn't she? Then there's the mysterious Jude, Olivia must find a way to understand his secrets before they drive her crazy! This was an interesting book to me. I liked Olivia, I liked Jude, but I wasn't sure that all of the story worked for me. I liked that the story was clean. Especially at the beginning the story seems dark, but I love the way that Olivia was able to overcome her depression and move on from her mom's death, even learning to forgive both her mom and herself. 

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