With a Name Like Love

Olivene Love, Ollie, is the oldest daughter of traveling preacher Everlasting Love. She and her sisters have lots of responsibilities to fulfill to help get everything ready for her father's church meetings.  She's supposed to pass out fliers to let everyone no about them, and also pick as many of them as she can find back up later, she helps with the clothes washing and mending and, and of course, with her younger sisters. The family has just pulled into a new town, Binder, Arkansas, and Ollie is starting to pass out fliers. She soon realizes that not everything is right with this little town. The people in the town are not terribly friendly, especially to one boy, Jimmy Koppel. Ollie finds out right away that his mother murdered his father, well...she says that she did. As soon as she meets his mother, she knows that there was no way that the poor woman could have killed her large abusive husband. Ollie knows that she must help fix things for Jimmy so that he doesn't have to go live with his aunt in Tennessee. But will she be able to figure out just what happened before her family moves on to the next town in just 3 days? This is another of the Whitney Awards nominee. I know that there's no way I would have read this book if it wasn't on the list, I'd never even heard of it before. I really enjoyed the way the book had an old time feel, as though you were living in the depression times, when living was hard. I enjoyed Ollie, her spirit, love and selflessness amazed me. I enjoyed the story line, and I also enjoyed the way the book ended. This is a very amazing book!

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