Scary School

Scary School is just a normal school for kids. Some of those kids are normal and some of them are well....scary. Scary School is a place for kids to learn important life lessons, like never reading rule number 5 in Dr. Dragonbreath's class and to always make sure to wear the school uniform which is definitely not grey shorts, white dress shirt and polka dot tie, as Charles Nukid learned the very first day that he attended school at Scary School. One of the scariest things about the school is that kids don't always survive their time their, sometimes they have to die in order to learn an important life lesson. Derek the Ghost was just one of many kids killed in Scary School. He decided to write down some of the crazy and scary things that happen there, as well as telling the whole world about the crazy characters that go to school and teach there. This book reminded me of Sideways Stories from Wayside School, just in the way that it is written. It's kind of a collection of stories about the kids that go to the school and the teachers of the school. It's got a lot of fun stories, and I love all the illustrations through it! This book will definitely interest the elementary age kids out there, I could see it being a bit like Harry Potter, in that it could keep the interest of those kids that don't normally like to read. I can't wait to read the second book!