Passage on the Titanic

Irene Corbett is a young mother living in Utah in 1911. She really feels as though she should go to London to study some of their new childbirth techniques. Unfortunately, neither her husband or his family is at all supportive, they feel that she should stay in Utah and take care of her husband and 3 young children. The feeling won't go away, and she's prayed about it countless times. One day she feels that she should go to her own parents and tell them about her feelings. Her parents are very supportive, they offer to pay for her to go and also take care of her young children so that her husband won't have to worry about them for the 6 months she will be gone. Irene knows that it's the right choice for her to go, so she decides to take her parents gift and mend fences with her husband when she gets back. In London she learns so much and meets young Ella Brown, and educated young lady who through no fault of her own has been forced to live on the streets. Irene is able to help her through some pain that she's dealing with and help her find a place to live and a job, but both are sad to know that Irene will be heading home to America soon. Miraculously both women end up going to America and on the grandest ship ever, the Titanic. But will either of them survive the trip? I knew how at least one of the stories was going to end for these women, but even knowing what happened to the Titanic didn't dampen my enthusiasm for this book. I have to say this was my very favorite Anita Stansfield book that I've ever read. I think part of that is that Irene was a real women and the author had to stay true to who she was. This book didn't seem quite as mushy and romantic as some of her other books have. I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the parts about the Titanic too, even though it was sad.