Final Call

Autumn Rain can read "imprints", strong emotions basically, off of objects owned by people. This talent comes in handy in her consulting job for the police. She's tending her antique shop in Portland one morning when one of her former employees comes to her with a mystery. His sister has disappeared when she was so excited about her role in a new play she was going to be doing. He knew that there was no way she would have just left on her own and comes to Autumn to see if there's any way she can help him. She promises to try, but is uncertain if there's any way she can really help. She also sends him to Detective Shannon Martin, her contact with the Portland police department, hoping that the police department will be able to help with his missing sister. Autumn however heads to the theater that the sister was working at, and discovers that it's very hard to tell the difference between the make-believe world of play acting out murder and the real world of murder. But when her twin sister Tawnia gets caught up in the play, will Autumn be able to get to her in time to save both of their lives? This was a fun and suspenseful book. I really have enjoyed the Autumn Rain novels. Autumn is such an individual, kind of a free-spirit hippie. I love that the characters in these books all have such individual personalities, that makes them seem almost real. That makes this a really fun series to read!