Double Deceit

Elaina Bryant is a young widow. She ran off and eloped with her abusive husband as a teenager. Now he's died in a car accident and their young daughter, Anna, died with him. Elaina's finally decided to come back to her childhood home after 10 years. She hopes that her sister, Natalie, still lives there, but she's unsure because her husband had kept any mail that had come for her from her family. She found it in his things after he had died, including the notice that her mom had died. She thought that the letters that she had written home and mailed would have gotten to them, but they hadn't. She can only assume that he had gotten rid of the mail that she had tried to send to her family after they had gotten married. Natalie is thrilled to see Elaina and know that she's okay. Elaina tries to move on with her life by getting a job in a small bookstore in town and starting to fall in love with her boss, Ryan. But as she falls in love with Ryan strange things start happening to Elaina, letters from her dead husband with recent dates, and phone calls that tell her that whoever is tormenting her is closer to her than she would like. But will she go as crazy as everyone thinks she is before she finds out just who is tormenting her. I enjoyed this book. The characters had enough quirks to seem like real people. I tend to like books that are a speck creepy, like this one was. I had kind of figured out just who the person was sending her all the mail, but I could never have predicted the ending!