Dearly Departed

Ida May Babbit's life is just getting back to normal after all of her illegal activity. She's finished her community service and will not be breaking the law anymore. Unfortunately, she will be breaking both her ankle and her wrist. She's trying to take care of herself, but that becomes very hard when you can neither walk nor hold onto things because of broken bones. Her dear friend, Arlette, moves in with her trying to help, but it's really hard for Ida May to accept help, plus Arlette is just driving her nuts! Luckily Eden, Arlette's granddaughter, runs into a mystery of her own. One of the women that Eden writes an obituary for seems to have been murdered by someone at the nursing home she was living at. It seems to be perfect for Ida May to move into that nursing home while she heals and try to figure out just what happened to the other woman. But will Ida May, Eden, Arlette, and Tansy be able to figure out who the murderer was before the murderer comes after them? I finally got to read the second Secret Sisters Mystery. I read the first one and then the third one, but the library didn't get this one until just barely. I really enjoyed it. Ida May is such a character, as are the other ladies of course, but I really love Ida May!