Banana Split

Sadie's been having a hard time, ever since her last mystery in Boston. She's been anxious and depressed. This book finds her basically hiding out in a condo in Hawaii. She has a few acquaintances, but no real friends there, in fact, she's pretty much hiding from her friends in Colorado too. One of the women she knows in Hawaii, Konnie, talks her into going on a few excursions with a group called the Blue Muumuus, including snorkeling. Sadie didn't really want to go, but was unsure of how to get out of another invitation. She went, but when she got under the water she found herself having a panic attack. Without waiting for the other members of her group, or even letting them know what was happening, she swam for the beach. But what she found there was just another in a long series of dead bodies, unluckily for Sadie it's long hair tangled her up in it. After giving her statement to the police, Sadie is done, she doesn't want to know anything about the body she found. She doesn't want to care, she just wants to be left alone on her vacation so that her mind can heal from the shocks it was dealt in Boston. But as Sadie soon realizes, the best way for our minds to heal is to focus elsewhere, to care for and serve others. I really loved this book! Sadie makes some fantastic sounding recipes in this one. I love that you can download them on Josi Kilpack's site. I want to make the Macadamia Nut pancakes, but I think I'll have to add some white chocolate to them. I also really liked that Sadie seemed so vulnerable in this one, it made her seem more real to me. Don't forget to check out the online content after you read it, you wouldn't want to spoil the ending!