The Sisters Grimm: A Very Grimm Guide

This is the official guide to the series The Sisters Grimm. I don't know if you've read these books, but if you like fairy tales, this is the series for you! It's a series written for kids, but I've enjoyed all of the books that I've read. In this guide you will learn about all of the principle characters. You'll learn about Sabrina and Daphne, Granny Relda and Mr Canis and, of course, you will learn about Puck. You'll also learn about Ferryport Landing, and it's history. And of course, all of the crazy fairy tale characters that live there! This was a really fun book. It's only about 125 pages long, with lots of beautiful color illustrations. There are also witty comments written by the trickster king himself, Puck. So, if you've read all the books and you just can't get enough of the Grimm sisters then this is the book for you!