Sadie is a young woman in her prime. She has a wealthy foreign boyfriend, her mom is her best friend and she has a decent paying job at a ski resort in Montana. On Christmas Eve, however, she finds out just how unperfect her life really is. The FBI comes to talk to her about spying on her perfect boyfriend. She wouldn't have given another thought to them had he not hit her so hard that she passed out when he found out that they had slipped a listening device in her purse without her consent or knowledge. Seeing the rage in his eyes, Sadie knows that she has to get out of his cabin before he comes after her again. So she breaks out of a window into a terrible snow storm. Knowing death by hypothermia is a real option and coming quick, Sadie climbs into the only shelter that she can find, which happens to be a truck parked next to a cabin. She means to only warm up, but unknowingly falls asleep and is found by 4 men staying in the cabin on a ski holiday. These men scare her at first, but she soon decides that they are the only people that can protect her. But she must figure out exactly what's happened and who she can trust very quickly, it's life or death for her. This was a compelling story. The plot was fun and I got immersed very quickly. I loved the bit of love story in this book. I thought that Sadie was a strong heroine, but I can't say that I loved her tendency to forgive her abusive boyfriend so quickly. I hope there's more stories by this author soon!