It's a Big World Little Pig

It's time for the World Games in Paris, France, and Poppy a little ice skater from New Pork City receives an invitation to compete. She wants to go, but she's scared, Paris is after all a very long way from New Pork City. But with some gentle encouragement from her family and friends, Poppy is off to Paris to compete against others that don't speak the same language she does. Her best friend Emma reminds her that we all smile in the same language and that helps Poppy a lot. She's able to go and make new friends and conquer some old fears. I enjoyed the message of this book. My 5 year-old and I read this book together. She liked it so much that she read it right away again to herself. The we had to go and borrow the first one from the library! I've enjoyed reading these books about a little pig from New Pork City!