Friends and Foes

Philip Jonquil is getting pretty tired of all the roles that he's forced to play. He plays the role of a dandy quite well, even though he's really a spy tracker. He has been tracking spies all over England for 5 long years. He's almost done, as soon as he gets Le Fontaine he will be done. The trouble is that Le Fontaine just keeps slipping through his fingers. He's talking with his partner in a small inn in the English countryside about just this problem when a young woman comes into the room. He's curious about her timing and about exactly what she's heard. He belittles her without intending to, and little does he know how great of an enemy he's made. Sorrel Kendrick is a young woman, she's tired of everyone treating her as though she's an invalid. She has a limp, but please everyone just leave her alone and treat her normally. When Philip belittles her, she is not happy, and even less happy when they are both guests of the same host at an extended Christmas party, and he belittles her again in front of everyone. This means war. They are both determined to come out ahead in their little battle of wills, but will they be able to cooperate when both of their lives depend on it. I have to say that Sarah Eden is one of my very favorite authors. Her characters seem real, her England seems real. I love the setting of these books, Regency England, is just an amazing place and time. I love her stories and how they contain the same characters, I love remembering just how they all fit together. I hope to be able to read many more Sarah Eden books!