Dream Big Little Pig!

Poppy is a little pig growing up in New Pork City. She has big dreams about what she wants to do with her life. She tries those things out and realizes that maybe they just are not for her after all. And then she sees some people ice skating. As soon as she tries it, she knows that her life will never be the same. Through all of her ups and downs she's supported and encouraged by her parents, grandparents and best friend. I was able to read the second book about Poppy (not to worry, review coming soon!) but I hadn't read the first book. It seemed so necessary to read the first book. I don't think it matters if you read them in order. My five year-old and I enjoyed reading this story about Poppy together a couple of times. I think she even read it to herself at least once. I love how Kristi Yamaguchi has characters that encourage Poppy to chase her dreams. It's what every child, and especially every young girl needs to hear. You go, girl! Dream Big, Little Pig!