Diary of a Player

Brad Paisley is one of my very favorite county music singers. You can tell that he feels everyone of his songs, you can tell just how much he cares about music and playing guitar just by listening to his songs. This is kind of the story of his life thus far and a tribute to those that taught him to play, or that he kind of took his style from. There are also pretty neat quotes from celebrities like Randy Jackson, Vince Gill, and Carrie Underwood about him. One of the things that I really like about him is that he seems like a real person. What you see is what you get from him. That really came across in this book. This was an amazing book, normally a biography will take longer to read for me than a fiction book would. I finished this book in just one day, it was a compelling read to learn about how he got his first guitar, and just why he got his favorite set of amplifiers from England on his dad's dime. There were a few farmer type swear words, but I didn't fell that they were overdone. I recommend this one highly!