The Trove of the Passion Room

Sharlamagne Dickens (Sharla) is a bit of an old school girl. She and her crazy family run an antiques shop. She and her sister Guinevere love to help their parents at sales and in the shop, they even play Old Maid when they get bored. Sharla feels that nothing is made the way it used to be and she loves antiques and old books. One day, at a special sale their favorite customer, Elisaveta Tanner, comes into their booth looking for treasures from the past. This time is different though, because she brings her handsome 23 year-old grandson, Maxim with her. Sharla and Gwen both think Maxim is hot, and maybe even a bit familiar looking. It's not until they go to the mall after the sale that they realize why he looked so familiar. Not only is the hot man their friends grandson, he's also the hot Jeans Innovations model. Both Gwen and Sharla take pictures of the full size posters of him in the mall and move on. Flash forward a few years and Elisaveta is nearing her time to die, she and Maxim have always been close and she makes him promise that he will take some things to Sharla because she doesn't want his gold-digger parents to have everything she's worked her whole life for. Will seeing Sharla again ignite a spark in Max, even though he's mourning his grandmother? Has Sharla forgotten the hot jeans model? I really enjoyed this story, it was romantic and old fashioned. I enjoyed the characters and their crazy foibles, not to mention names. I thought it was a fun story!