Take a Walk with Me

Cossette Robbins aka Cozy is a college co-ed. She is paying for her college by making cute little Christmas tree ornaments out of walnuts. She knows just how much her Grandma Robbins loves to see them, so she makes certain to take her a basket full every year. When she takes her grandma her knew ornaments for the year, she discovers her watching her new neighbor out the kitchen window. Grandma Robbins has been a widow for a while and Cozy is thrilled to see her taking an interest in her new neighbor, Buckly Bryant, who her grandmother has taken to calling a "Hunk of Burning Love." On one of Cozy's weekly visits to her grandmother the "Hunk of Burning Love" has another younger man with him that Cozy thinks is a hottie. Grandma Robbins talks Cozy into taking some banana bread to the Bryant house with her and Cozy is thrilled about the sparks that seem to fly between the two older people, so thrilled in fact, that she doesn't think much about the sparks that are flying between her and Jesse Bryant, Buckly's grandson. I really enjoyed this story, the idea of both grandmother and granddaughter falling in love with a grandfather and grandson at the same time really intrigued me. I like that the plot of this book was a little different than what you usually see out there. I thought that it was a cute story, and I really liked the Christmas theme.