The Outer Edge of Heaven

Charlie Evans is just about ready to graduate from BYU in preparation to attend law school there. Her parents have always wanted her to be a lawyer, she hasn't, but she's basically following her parents' path for her. She's also gotten her Bachelor's in Education, she would love to be a teacher, what they don't know can't hurt them...right? With summer rapidly approaching, Charlie knows that she can't spend a whole summer in her childhood home with them, she would go nuts. She allows her best friend, Fo, to talk her into coming with him to his uncle's cattle ranch in Montana as a hired helper. She goes, expecting to help with the cattle or maybe the garden. Her name though, has led everyone to believe that she was a man, and no one has planned for a girl. Fo's cousin, Luke, decides that maybe the best thing for her would be to work as kind of a nanny to his step-brothers and step-sisters. His stepmother is very busy in her job as a flight attendant and too busy with other men to care. His father is very busy with ranch business and that leaves the little girls and boy with a lot of time to get into trouble. Charlie is a beautiful girl and that attracts Luke, but it also attracts a stalker. Will Charlie, Luke and Fo be able to keep one step ahead of the stalker, or will it cost someone their life? I really enjoyed reading this book, it was a great escape for me after a stressful week. I loved the characters, Charlie starts of as a bit of a meek girl, who lets her parents push her around, but by the end of the story, she learns that she will have to stand up for herself to get what she wants. I loved the humor in this book. Click here to read a review of another of Jaclyn M. Hawkes' books.