Kiss in the Dark

Boston is a happy kind of girl. She also is kind of a push over, because she always wants to make others happy before she thinks of herself. It kind of gets her into messes. For example, the boss that thinks it's great sport to swat her in the rear on her way by. She can't report him, because she doesn't want to get passed over for the promotion she wants, so she just ignores it. Then there's her roommate, Steph. She lives with Steph, not because she wants to, but because she feels sorry for her. Steph is a mean, manipulative person who Boston is trying to help see the error of her ways. But even Boston is getting close to not being able to deal with Steph any more. Steph took it upon herself to answer Boston's phone when Boston was busy, even though she's been asked several times not to. It would have to be that hot Logan West that Boston has wanted to be asked out by when Steph answered. But when Boston decides that she's done being Steph's doormat and stands up for herself, all heck breaks loose and Steph tries to make Boston's life miserable. Luckily, Boston has just met her best friend Danielle's older brother Vance and he stands up for her in countless ways. But just what is it that Danielle and Vance are hiding? I enjoyed this book, it does seem like I've been reading a bunch of these lately, so maybe that's why I didn't love it as much as some of the others I've read. This one does have a few mild swear words and even one scene that kind of explains why.