Amelia and her fiance Brent are enjoying their vacation in Mexico, until Amelia's condo gets broken into. Nothing appears to really be missing, except Amelia's cell phone. Not so good, because she is an heiress owning the cell phone company, and her company is planning to make some upgrades that will make them even more wealthy. Savannah and her friend, Haley, are also enjoying their vacation in the same condo resort. They have been spending time shopping and at the beach, and are about to head home when they run into Brent. But because Savannah and Amelia look so similar, Brent assumes that Amelia has picked up a friend to go shopping with and that he should go fishing and just leave her alone. Amelia, waiting in his condo, becomes furious when he doesn't come back. She decides to take the next flight out of Mexico, which happens to be Savannah's flight. They end up sitting next to each other and quickly discover all the misunderstandings that were caused by their startling resemblance to each other. They are planning to fix all the misunderstandings when their plane crashes. Unfortunately only one of them survives and the other develops amnesia. Not knowing just who she is makes life a whole lot harder, but things are about to get even harder when a murderer comes looking for her. I enjoyed the story of this book. It reminded me a little of those girls who were switched during that accident. The plot was riveting. I finished this whole book in basically one day. I couldn't put it down!