Cinder and Ella

If you drink water and breathe air, then you have heard the story of Cinderella. And if you drink water and breathe air, you have heard it...wrong. Thus begins this new retelling of a familiar classic, Cinderella. Cinder and Ella had a normal family when they were young. They had a father, a mother, an older sister Katrina and a younger sister Beatrice. Their family was happy. Until, one night the prince came to their home. Their father was never the same after that, and neither was the rest of their family. Soon their father disappeared completely, their mother sat and spun her yarn all day, mostly ignoring her daughters, and Katrina and Beatrice became spoiled and selfish girls. Cinder was a beautiful young girl and she knew that she needed to support the family, so she got a job at the Kingdom Castle, even though, the whole family depended on her. She thought that Ella could take care of the rest of the family while she was a way working. What she didn't know was that to their mother, Cinder and Ella had become one person, Cinderella, an indispensable take care of everything person. That person was really Cinder. And most sadly, their mother had completely forgotten that Ella existed. She couldn't even hear Ella when she talked to her. This devastates Ella so much that she decides to run away. As soon as she discovers that Ella is missing, Cinder is so sad, she ends up sending a knight to find her, but does Ella want to be found? I really thought this was a cute story. The story really is not so similar to the Cinderella story. I enjoyed the ways that it was different and all the complex characters. I liked how in the end, Ella and Cinder both grow from what they experienced.