Blog Tour - Persuasion

Anne never thought she'd see Neil again. She had been engaged to him 8 years earlier, but she broke it off, not because she didn't love him, but because her parents thought that they were too young. Now, 8 years older and wiser, her father is selling the home that she grew up in. And who should buy it but Neil's brother Jack and his wife Linda. Neil comes to see the house with Jack as Anne is running a yard sale to clean out things, so her father won't have to move everything. She has unfortunately not showered, done her hair or put on her makeup. So she's embarrassed not only about having broken off their engagement and never spoken to Neil again, but also of the way she looks. Oh well, she shouldn't have to see him again anytime soon, right?? Of course not, as the fates would have it Neil is currently dating her sister Mary's sister-in-law, Lily, who happens to live right next door to Mary. Normally not a problem, but when Mary gets put on bed rest with her current pregnancy and Anne ends up moving in to help with the kids that means that she is going to run into Neil all the time. This was a fun book! I haven't read Jane Austen's Persuasion in long time, so I really couldn't say how it compares, but I enjoyed the craziness of Anne's life. I enjoyed seeing how she grew from being the one who always says yes, to being able to say no when she needed to. This one is definitely worth reading!

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