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Sweet Cherry Ray

Cherry is a romantic young lady, she likes to read her Oklahoma Jenny books and dream about falling in love with a hero of her own. She lives in a small town, Blue Water, where everybody knows everybody, including the town outlaw, Black Jack Haley and his gang. Cherry's pa is retired Texas Ranger Arthur Ray. His wife was shot when Cherry was just a baby by an outlaw. Arthur can't stand the thought of one of the town outlaws wanting to harm Cherry, so he dresses her up as a young boy, except that's not working as well as he would hope. One day, as Cherry is standing in the street with her father, a stranger comes riding into town. He carries a gun, so the assumption of the towns people is that he's an outlaw looking to either join up with Black Jack or start his own gang. The stranger is handsome, and Cherry can't get her mind off of him. She just has to know whether he's an outlaw or not. So she spies on him, which he catches her at, several times. Each time he drags her back to her Pa to tell him about her spying, Cherry falls more and more in love with the handsome stranger. He couldn't be an outlaw, he just couldn't. Cherry's Pa knows the truth about just what the stranger is, and he knows just how dangerous the situation could be so he warns Cherry to stay away, but Cherry's already fallen in love. Will her love be dangerous to her? I enjoyed the story of this book for the most part. I thought that this one was just a bit...I don't know... hokey maybe. The story didn't drag me in quite as well or as fast as Marcia Lynn McClure's books usually do. I did like it enough to have read the whole thing in one day! This book did have a few mild swear words.


  1. It does sound a little hokey (great word choice) but also fun! Thanks for the review : )


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