The Next Door Boys

Leigh is getting pretty tired of all the labels she has that follow her around. Jaron's little sister, the girl who sews, the girl who sings, and worst of all the girl who has cancer. Now, just a few months after her cancer had been diagnosed as being in remission, she just wants to go away and start over. Maybe going to BYU will do that for her, but then again, maybe not. She will still be labeled as Jaron's little sister, because he will be living right next door, and looking in on her a ton, because her parents set a bunch of rules about that. He also has to drive her to school every day. Leigh would rather be a bit more independent, but she knows that she needs to follow her parent's rules for her own health and well being. Her parents would rather she waited a bit to go to school, but it's time for Leigh to be on her own a little bit. Unfortunately, Leigh's body isn't quite as ready for the stress of college as she had hoped it would be. She's frustrated at the speed (or lack thereof) that her body is healing and letting her get on with her life. Still she knows that she needs to be grateful for every minute that she still has left. Then there are the next door boys, her brother Jaron and his friend Brian, a convert, but other than that Leigh really doesn't know much about him. When he becomes just as protective as Jaron, Leigh begins to see him as an older brother and to trust him just as much as her brother. But will Leigh find love in an unexpected place? I really enjoyed reading this book! I was sucked into the story from the very first chapter and I had a really hard time putting it down until I had read every page!