The Kissing Tree

13 year old Georgie had a mostly great life. She lives in a small town in Colorado with her family, except her father who had died when she was just 12. Georgie's two best friends are Samantha (Sammy) and Ridge. Sammy dares Georgie to steal a kiss from Ridge under the kissing tree, the old oak tree near town. Georgie's not quite certain if she has the courage to do it or not, but surprises herself by doing it, and then she hurries away. Georgie's mother is taking the family, Georgie and her two brothers, to visit her sister Cecilia in New York, but what Georgie doesn't know is that her mother, no longer able to bear the memories of her dead husband is not planning on ever coming back to Colorado. 5 long years later, Georgie returns to help her grandfather on his farm after her grandmother had died. She's so happy to be back, she had thought maybe the family would visit her grandparents sometime, but her grandmother died first. She's so happy to be back in her hometown. But she's uncertain what happened to either of her childhood friends. She had written them both letters but never received a response from either of them. She's also unsure of Dawson, her city beau. She's also not prepared to run into Ridge almost as soon as she steps into town. This was a sweet book, I enjoyed the romance of it. I was kind of surprised who the villain turned out to be, but beyond that the story is a bit predictable. Still it was a clean, cute read!