Farmer Boy

It's been a while since I posted a book that I've read with our 5 year-old. That's because we've been reading this book, and having a hard time getting through it, because our schedule has changed and we don't have a set time where we sit down together to read anymore. It also doesn't help that she reads to herself now. I know it's a good thing that she's growing up, but sometimes it's hard too! We finished this book the other day. This is our 11 year-old's very favorite book in this series, I'd have to say it's probably mine too, but our 5 year-old can't wait to get back to the books about Laura and Mary. This book is part of the classic Little House series of books. They are written for elementary age kids. They are set in the 1800's before all of today's technology when kids played without any electronics at all! Almonzo is almost 9 as this book opens, he and his brother Royal and sisters Eliza Jane and Alice walk through the snow to get to their one room school house where they will learn from their teacher and their schoolbooks. They have a lunch that their mother made at home from homemade bread and jam. I love how we see Almonzo grow up from the very first class in school to knowing exactly what he wants to do with his life. If you haven't read the Little House books, you should! I love all of them!