Enduring Light

This is Carla Kelly's sequel to Borrowed Light that I read back in  May. Carla Kelly's books are amazing, just a couple of weeks ago I read Marian's Christmas Wish for my Christmas week and loved it. If you are a fan of clean romance you will love Carla Kelly's books! This book starts where Borrowed Light left off, so if you haven't read that book, you may spoil the ending by reading this review. Julia Darling is having a hard time getting over the fire that she lived through on the Double Tipi the previous summer. She is still having nightmares about the time that she spent under the cut bank in the river with the fire all around her, and she's having to deal with the scars all over her body. She's unsure if Paul Otto, her fiance is still going to want to marry her now that she's scarred. She doesn't even want to cook! She decides that she needs to send a letter to Paul and let him know of her scarred body and that her hair that was all singed off has now come in curly and it's so short. She sees all those things as short comings in herself, but when Paul gets the letter he comes to let her know that none of that matters, that he still loves her and plans on marrying her in the Temple in March. They both have six long months of waiting for the wedding, during which time Julia will get to know Paul's long lost uncle, Uncle Albert. Uncle Albert has a secret he's been keeping for many years, and also a lesson to teach Julia about letting go of prior hurts. I really enjoyed this book. I love the books that I've read by Carla Kelly, I just might have to start on the lengthy list of books that is in the beginning of this book that she wrote before Borrowed Light!