Tiger's Voyage

This is the third book in the Tiger's Curse series and I am extremely grateful that it isn't the last book! These only make sense in order, so make sure that you read them in order. Kelsey knows that she needs to go on a couple more adventures with her tigers so that they can be men for a full day. Things are hard for her, because Ren still doesn't remember who she is and that he loves her. Kishan is also in love with her and her growing feelings for him make her very confused. How can she love both brothers at the same time? They take a trip deep into the jungle to talk to Phet about Ren's memory and his apparent PTSD that he's had ever since he was Lokesh's prisoner. Phet is able to cure his PTSD, but informs Kelsey that he's unable to fix the memory problem, because Ren is causing that himself. He also leaves Kelsey with the advice that either of the tigers will make her happy during her life. She just needs to pick one. But how does she decide between them? I really enjoyed this book, it has tons of action and adventure and romance. It's clean and fun. I found myself really mad at Ren almost the whole book. I think that the characters are really developed, they seem to be real, which is why I was mad at him the whole book. I really didn't like the ending! Colleen Houck is a master of cliff hanger endings. I can't wait for the fourth book in the series, hopefully coming soon!