Ribbon of Darkness

Kennedy Campbell is an international journalist, she's been covering a story about refugees in Afghanistan, when the camp where she's been staying comes under attack. She has no choice but to try to escape with her friend Jaabir and his sister Samira and her son. They escape onto a ship that is headed to Australia, but it sinks near the coast of Indonesia and all three of them are captured by terrorists. Kennedy continually tries to escape, but every time she is captured and hurt worse than the last time. She knows that her life depends on the terrorists and her country meeting their demands. Ethan is an English MI-6 associate, he's been going after the terrorists for personal reasons, when he runs into Kennedy and her captors. He senses something special about Kennedy and wishes that he could do something to help her, but knows that he can't if he wants to complete his revenge mission. But is his revenge as important as he thought it was, or is saving Kennedy even more important? I really enjoyed this book once I got a little ways into it, the first part was kind of hard for me to get past. But this book is action packed and intense, especially the end, and the small bit of romance included was really well done. I enjoyed this book!