Journey of Honor

This book is set in the 1840's. Trace is a doctor living in the south with his father and adopted brother Mose. Mose is a black man who at one time was a slave, but was adopted by Trace's family as a child. Trace is disgusted with slavery and determines that he can't live in his hometown anymore, so he won't have to see the black people mistreated anymore. He takes Mose and they head west, where color doesn't matter quite as much. They work as teamsters freighting goods across from the east to the west. On their fourth trip he sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and then it's his fortune or misfortune, depending on your point of view, to have her family join their wagon train heading west. He finds out that he name is Giselle and she's traveling west with her grandparents. It ends up safer for Giselle to cross the plains as Trace's wife so they get married, but their's is a marriage in name alone. The intend to have the marriage annulled as soon as they get to Salt Lake City. But is that what they will end up wanting? This book was a fun read. It was romantic and clean, and it didn't take me very long to read it. 

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