A Dog Named Christmas

This book was made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on TV a couple of Christmas' ago. I only got to see about half for some reason, but I can't remember why. Anyway, while getting ready for our family vacation in August I ran across a copy of this book for just a couple of dollars. I had to buy it for our daughter, who loves dogs as long as they aren't really anywhere near her, but I also bought it so that I could read it and find out how the story ended! Todd is a developmentally challenged young man, he lives with his parents on their farm in Kansas. He's always wanted a dog and just before Christmas he hears on ad on the radio for the town animal shelter. It seems the animal shelter wants the dogs to be able to have a good Christmas as well as the humans in the town, so why not have people adopt the dogs, but just for the week of Christmas. They can return the dogs after Christmas. Todd thinks this is a wonderful idea, but his dad has been scarred by the times that he's had dogs for a pet and doesn't know that he can handle it, and he's sure that Todd will be unable to allow the dog to go back to the shelter after Christmas. He finally decides to allow Todd to do it, and the whole family will never regret that choice. This was a really cute book, I enjoyed the story line and I thought that the ending was heartwarming. Definitely a cute Christmas read!

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