Christy's a normal 15 year old, she just wants to fit in with her friends. So when the kids that she's on a school trip to Washington, DC with decide to sneak out of their hotel in the middle of the night, she's in. Only she isn't so sure about the creepy hotel that the rest of the kids are thinking about going in to use the bathroom. She has a really bad feeling feeling about going in, her feet don't want to move. But a couple of her friends come and get her, and feeling accepted Christy decides that if everyone else is okay, she will be too. The hotel is just as creepy on the inside as it is on the outside and as soon as Christy sees an execution style murder, she knows that they should not have gone in, and she's uncertain just how they will be able to get out without being seen by the murderers. They get away and are OK, but Christy feels as though they are now being watched. So, Christy and her friends decide that they need to let someone know about the murder and are able to get some notes to the FBI, and soon not only are they being watched by the killers, they are also being watched by the FBI. But will telling the FBI get them all killed? I really enjoyed this book, it's pretty creepy, but I like that it's a good, clean book that keeps you engaged in the plot. I also realized after visiting Cindy M Hogan's blog that it's part of a series. And I happened to run into her at one of those Costco signings today and she mentioned to me that the second book will be out in March. I can't wait to read more about what happens to Christy and her friends!