Love on the Line

Deanne Gist is one of the best Christian romance authors around. Her books are always clean, fun, historically accurate and romantic and this book was no different! Georgie Gail is a telephone switchboard operator in rural Texas. She likes to bird watch and she's built a wonderful backyard garden for just such a purpose. Unfortunately, the lady's fashion at the time is to have parts of dead birds on their clothes and hats. When the local milliner has a contest to see who can bring him the most bird parts she knows she's in trouble! She's also survived a train robbery by the great Frank Comer. Now she thinks that he's a wonderful man and that his great rival of the Texas Rangers, Lucious Landrum is kind of a jerk. Little does she know that Luke Palmer, her new co-worker, is Lucious Landrum undercover and trying to catch the notorious Comer and his gang. Being that they are thrown together a lot, Luke and Georgie start to fall in love. They must overcome her love of saving birds, and his love of hunting birds and also stay out of the way of the Comer gang long enough to really discover their feelings for each other. This was a fun read! I really enjoyed reading this story and learning a little bit about how telephone service worked in it's infancy, I also had no idea that ladies would put dead bird parts on their clothing. This seems a bit yucky to me, but whatever makes them happy I guess!