Lost December

This is the newest book by Richard Paul Evans. I enjoy reading his books, I love that they usually have a spiritual message and this book was no exception. Luke Crisp is the son of millionaire Carl Crisp who founded Crisp's copy centers. He was completely happy managing a group of stores but his father thought that he should get his MBA from an ivy league school. So Luke, who had always had a great relationship with his father, decided to head to Wharton. There he met Candace, a beautiful girl that Luke can see himself married to. Unfortunately his relationship with his father suffers as he makes new friends and Luke decides that he needs to go on a spending spree with his trust fund money, which disappears faster than he ever thinks possible and his friends also disappear just as fast as the money when they realize that it's gone. Luke is on his own and broke, unsure of what to do next. But one thing is certain to him, he can't go home to his father. I really enjoyed this book, it's kind of a prodigal son story. I had a hard time putting it down and was able to finish the whole thing within 24 hours.