Clair Poulson is one of my very favorite suspense authors! He also adds just a bit of romance into his books. This book is about Zach, he's a young returned missionary. He decides that he wants to go on a hunt in the mountains of Utah during Hunting Season, but he wants to go with his friends. He invites a mixture of friends from his hometown, including Bria  Phillips whose father has just died in a boating accident, and then is approached by Caden Pendleton who begs to be able to go on the hunt also. Zach agrees reluctantly and with good reason. Caden is a pain on the hunt, he's lazy and rude and he creeps all the girls out with the way that he looks at them. The last straw is when Caden loses one of Zach's family's horses that happens to have one of the hunter's prize buck on it. While everyone is out looking for the horse, Caden is shot by someone with Bria's shotgun, but no one's quite sure who did it. And Bria disappears around the same time. No one's sure quite what to think, it appears that Bria shot Caden, but why would she do that? And is Caden really who he says he is? I really enjoyed this book, it was suspenseful and kept me guessing who the killer really was until the last page. I enjoyed that it was a clean book. I can't wait to read more of Clair Poulson's books!