How to Save a Life

Mandy is a young unwed pregnant mother who just wants to give her baby a loving mother, something she's never had. Jill is the 17 year-old daughter of Robin, the woman who wants to adopt Mandy's baby. Her father has just died and she really can't see how Mandy's baby will replace him in their lives. She doesn't feel as though her mom has really thought this decision through. She's not very nice to Mandy. Mandy has her own secrets about who the baby's father is, when she's due and how she's taken care of herself during the pregnancy. This book is by Utah author Sara Zarr, I read another of her books, Once Was Lost, earlier this year. I expected to like this book, but I had a really hard time getting into the story. I understood why Mandy was not telling Robin the whole truth, but I didn't necessarily like her decisions to lie. I didn't like Jill, her attitude or her language. At the beginning of the book it wasn't too bad, but within 100 pages of the end I did find an f-bomb. I don't like those and I always stop reading books when I find them. I really like young adult authors who don't include those in their books. I think that this book is more geared toward older teenagers and up.