Hang "Em High

It's been a boring six months for elderly sleuths Ida Mae, Tansy, and Arlette. They were released from their callings in their ward for participating in espionage activities a few years previously, when they were solving one of their mysteries.  So when Ida Mae gets a letter from her estranged son Keith, who owns a dude ranch in Montana, she and her friends jump at the chance to spend a little time their, even though it's the dead of winter and Montana isn't the warmest place in the winter. They plan their trip and take off, making the trip in one day, because of a winter storm moving into Montana. Little do they know the adventure that awaits them on Keith's ranch. They are only there on night when disaster strikes. One of Keith's prize stud horses is found dead in the barn of an apparent poisoning by rat poison. The person responsible for taking care of the horse is moved to a different position, but the damage is already done. When a second horse is found poisoned, Ida Mae knows that she needs to do something to help Keith with this problem, but will he ever believe that his elderly mother and her similarly elderly friends really will be able to solve the mystery before it's too late??!! I really enjoyed this book. I remember reading the first Secret Sisters Mystery, Secret Sisters, but I've been unable to get the second book in the series, Dearly Departed. I really need to find a copy so that I can get the backstory a little better! This is a fun, clean, mystery.